Day 6 - The White Pube

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On Day 6 of our #12FeministsofChristmas, former art history student Ellen O'Sullivan writes about the importance of art appreciation outside of the traditional male, caucasian, heterosexual lens. 

The White Pube Art criticism was never a discipline that I regarded with any particular interest as an art history undergrad. Immersion in seminars and lectures discussing the production and dissemination of art by white, cis, middle- class european men left little room for consideration of the thoughts and reviews of those same people telling me who was brilliant for brushstrokes or a dud with detail. Swimming the androcentric waters of art history left me still thirsty, despite being surrounded by creative water: I was searching for an art world that resonated with my experience and expectations in a more meaningful way. Enter The White Pube: the collaborative effort of Zarina Muhammad and Gabrielle de la Puente, an online platform aiming to make art criticism more accessible and relevant to creators and audiences marginalised by the western canon. Muhammad and de la Puente’s sizeable Instagram following is testament to the engaging nature of their reviews, and the way those reviews are formulated around emotion and personal nuance allows the reader/ listener to feel as though we are there in the room with them, chatting with a pal. The challenging of the masculinist tradition is palpable, and their centring of subjectivity and emotion builds such a warm and genuine connection with creativity. The White Pube is not merely discourse on aesthetics. Muhammad and de la Puente have delved into musings on food and video games too, and their writings hang on a framework of questioning established norms, interrogating the systemic injustice of the art world, and promoting equitable representation and diversity in creativity.


Do yourself a favour and please PLEASE check them out



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