Day 12 - Mrs. Santa Claus

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As no definitive image of Mrs. Santa Claus exists, this is the results page of a Google search for the woman herself - hopefully more diverse depictions will emerge in the future!! 

Our last, but not least, #12FeministsofChristmas is the woman who powers the magic of this season – Mrs. Santa Claus.

There are many variations of the sentiment ‘Behind every great man, there is a great woman’, and all of us familiar with the Santa Claus story have never been in doubt that there is Big Woman Energy year round at the North Pole to pull off the most important delivery system on the 24th December annually.  She has been relegated to behind the scenes in the majority of Santa related depictions but where she does make an appearance Mrs. Claus has been portrayed in many ways over the years – from matronly to sexy, from animated to live action film. Mostly we are struck by the message of tolerance and peace advocated by Mrs. Claus which makes her a top-class feminist to us!  It was refreshing to see Mrs. Claus getting the recognition she deserves in the recent ‘Christmas Chronicles 2’ offering on Netflix. Young visitors to the North Pole enquire as to why the industrious Santa’s Village, which is overseen by Mrs. Claus, isn’t more appropriately names Mrs. Claus Village. Santa himself does consider the merits of this proposal, which at least demonstrates that recognises the scale of the work undertaken by his spouse to enable his international fame. However she is depicted, she is a figure which sparks nostalgia and happiness at this time of year.

Here at Sibéal, we don’t only want to acknowledge the Mrs. Claus resident at the North Pole, but the Mrs. Clauses in all of our lives. We recognise that spreading the Christmas magic predominantly falls to women and it is no easy feat.  Whoever the Mrs. Claus happens to be, they juggle multiple jobs such as travel agent and chauffeur for returning family members, interior decorator, personal shopper, event planner, baker, chef and sometimes even try their hands at  candlestick making, without the luxury of dedicated Elves to assist.  

This Christmas we want to let the Mrs. Claus in our lives know that we appreciate all of their hard work and that we will pitch in to assist with the magic spreading as much as we can!!

We hope you have enjoyed our #12FeministsofChristmas and that you might be inspired to investigate feminist and gender studies in the New Year. Sibéal will be here to facilitate interesting dialogue across students and early stage researchers in 2021 and beyond!